Friday, 1 February 2013

Black cat, white cat.

Chat noir, chat blanc. 
 Emir Kusturica.
Well, this one of my favorites movies too. And I decided to make my work, inspired by this film. Two of 3 ideas are based just on this movie. The 3rd one between this and "The DOOM Generation". So, some information about film: this is a romantic comedy about criminal cases, love, weddings for money, music and life. It won the Silver Lion for Best Direction at the Venice Film Festival. The literal translation of the title is actually "Black cat, white tomcat". The movie characters speak in Romani, Serbian, and Bulgarian - frequently switching among them, but the movie is Yugoslav. He later changed his mind, deciding to come back with a project on Gypsy music which he originally envisioned as a documentary with a working title Musika Akrobatika. The idea further evolved and Kusturica decided to add narrative flourishes of his own, so Musika Akrobatika got transformed into a fictional feature Black Cat, White Cat. There are many recurring motifs throughout the film, for example a scene where a pig is devouring an old run-down Trabant, and the appearance of the titular two cats (a black one and a white one), who end up as the only witnesses to Zare and Ida's wedding.

 Also, Grga Pitić is obsessed with the last line in the film Casablanca, "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship", which he compulsively watches on his TV set and gets to say to Zarije at the end, looking at Matko washing Dadan. Some of the film's plot points and scenery are strongly inspired by an influential Italian comics series, Alan Ford by Roberto Raviola and Luciano Secchi. In several scenes one of Dadan's criminal cronies can be seen reading an issue of Alan Ford's Yugoslav edition.

Music has an important place in this picture, as it is present in almost every scene. Zarije is especially devoted to music as he's seen with the local band playing specially for him on the way from hospital and then at the fair near the lake.

1st idea is about an abstract picture and using different textiles, structures, colours (Rauschenberg style) and things stylised like that film. Golden teeth, textile, sunflower, moustaches, screen shots from the film and other stuff.  

2nd idea is a picture too, but it would be drawn on the photo of Grga Pitić which is big above. And all that stuff which is in the other idea will be in here too. But golden teeth will be in the place where teeth are in that photo and, like, hat too. But this isn't my favorite idea, so I suppose that won't be my final choice.

 3rd idea is a performance. If u have seen this film or if u have seen the photo in the beginning of this "article" with musicians tied to the tree, so u can guess what I want to do. I want to find musicians and tie them to the tree, but I don't want to do that right like in movie, but in style of "The DOOM Generation". So, red and blue colours, maybe white too, music like in there and white snow below and on the tree. The thing I'm most worried about is how will I do that! How to tie musicians to the tree? But that's not a problem for me, so I'll do that if I want.

James told me that I can  do both painting and performing if I want to. So I hope I'll have enough time for that.